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No reproduction of this website and the other websites of the Council of Europe, even partial, other than that provided for by Article L 122-5 of the Code of Intellectual Property, may be made without their express permission. For the photographs, the name of the photographer must always be mentioned.

Reminder of Article L.112-3 of the Code of Intellectual Property:
"The authors of translations, adaptations, transformations or arrangements of intellectual works enjoy the protection provided by this code without prejudice to the copyright of the author of the original work. The same applies to the authors of anthologies or collections of works or various data, such as databases, which, by the choice or layout of the material, constitute intellectual creations.
Is understood by database a collection of works, data or other independent items, arranged systematically or methodically and individually accessible by electronic means or by any other means." If the reproduction or use of the textual and multimedia data (sound, images, software, etc.) are subject to prior authorisation, the physical or legal person wishing to use these data must obtain the same authorisation.

Protection of personal data

The Council of Europe is concerned to respect privacy. His policy on the "protection of physical persons with regard to the processing of personal data" is of course compliant with the French data processing and civil liberties laws. The only nominative file used for the operation of the website is that of the statistics. The data collected are kept confidential and will on no account be passed on to any third parties in any way whatever. The persons have a right of access to modification of the data concerning them, may writing to "Council of Europe – Media et Communications Department, London School of Economicsg."


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