The Mediane Box for Media Managers

If you answer this questionnaire as a group (as a newsroom, journalism trainer team…), it is up to you to decide on a common group name that will allow to get the results both as an individual and a group. Thanks.
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Please answer the questions below while keeping in mind the strengths and weaknesses you recognised above. These answers are for self-reflection and for helping you to answer the questionnaire. They won’t be assessed in the result form.

All Modules (1 & 4) marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory


While it is easy to see when others do not get it quite right, it is not so easy to pin it down in ourselves – The Mediane Box is a three-step self-monitoring tool which you can use in enriching your capacities for including diversity.


The self-monitoring tool is made of three modules, each independent from the others.
Each module takes approximately 10 min. to answer. Answering all modules will take approximately 30 minutes.
The tool tries to be as universal as possible. Inevitably, as a tool it cannot cover every particular and distinct angle of one’s media practice.
It provides an entry point for questioning professional practices.
It’s up to you to decide if you’d like to answer as if you were in an “ideal world” or if you want to reflect your current professional practice.
You might even decide to do both – answering based on your current practice and based on what you’d like to ideally do. It might be quite interesting to compare the two different kinds of results!
Whichever way you decide to go, if answered honestly and accurately, this questionnaire will hopefully help you enhance diversity inclusiveness in your professional practice.
And don’t forget: a question in itself might be more important than the answer.


Once answered the first module (or all three), the MedianeBox will produce your own personal results. You can receive your own report by email or you can save it online.
Each question will show your answer and the Mediane suggested answer.
The Mediane answer is a suggestion; it might not be the best option out of the many you have in your professional practice but it is the best (or the least bad) out of the given options. You are offered this answer as an invite to reflect on and engage in current debates on professional media practices.


In the result form and for each question, some keywords on diversity practices will be suggested. These keywords provide a snapshot introduction to some of the main issues associated with diversity inclusiveness in the media.
While there has been an attempt to cover as many issues as possible, it is inevitable that some particular issues might not be fully addressed.
These keywords will also guide you to reference practices on media & diversity.
These practices have been collected from all over Europe, and some from beyond Europe.
They might be helpful for you to find inspiration or take some specific actions in strengthening your own diversity inclusiveness practice.
To monitor your progress, you can return to the MedianeBox whenever you want, answer the questions for a second time and compare your new results with the first ones (you will be allowed to save them once you complete the questionnaire).


Modules include a minimum of 5 different questions and maximum of 10.
Each question is specifically marked in relation to its module and its rank. For example, QUESTION 1.5 refers to the 5th question of Module 1.
While filling in the questionnaire, the system will inform you of the stage where you are and about the number of questions remaining for you to answer.
The maximum time it will take you to answer one question is 3 minutes.
Up to you to estimate the time you will need to fill in 1 or 3 modules!


The Mediane Box has developed after substantial consultation that lasted for more than one year.
In response to this consultation, we have made sure that your anonymity is absolutely guaranteed. There is no identification system allowing you to start the questionnaire, to save your work, then to disconnect and come back later for finalising the other modules.
An identification system will contradict anonymity.
Due to the fact that the system cannot identify you, you would need to save your results in order for you to be able to return to them. If you don’t have too much time in the first instance, it might be a good idea to save your results after you fill in the mandatory modules (Modules 1 and 4). Then you can return to the questionnaire and answer Modules 2 and 3. As you will be asked to reintroduce answers made previously in Modules 1 & 4 you can retreat your saved responses. This is the only way we can make the system functional while guaranteeing your anonymity.
And remember: responding to all questions in all modules will still take no more than 35 minutes at the most!

Take time. Think on your practices. Enjoy using the Box. This is what Mediane hopes to offer you as working on, with, and for diversity is always stimulating. Thanks!

- Approx. 10 min *
An organization that supports diversity is better able to address employee satisfaction
Receiving input from voices from different backgrounds, genders and ethnicities is considered a valuable asset in the newsroom
There are policies in place to minimize selection bias during the interview/application process (for example, removing names from CVs)
Diversity refers to the recognition of different races and genders only
The demographic of an organization should mirror the demographic of the community it is in
Managerial Level
Board members
- Approx. 10 min
Asking a new employee in the company what their sexual orientation is
The only female member of her team is sometimes singled out on her work performance
Talking in confidence to a fellow member of the organization and using derogatory language to refer to someone else’s sexual orientation
Complimenting another member of the organization on their appearance and receiving a positive response
- Approx. 10 min
- Approx. 5 min *

For your information – These questions are for statistical purposes. Data will be well protected and used only for getting an average profile of the Mediane Box users

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